A Patient Play – Satya Joshi

types-of-marketing-strategies1.jpgMarketing is an integrated process of discovering, creating, arousing and satisfying customer needs.

One must understand the DNA of their customers and their latent subconscious drivers which trigger their buying and decision-making patterns. It also includes influencing customer perceptions by strategizing in a way to be able to sell the value perception of any product or service which is new to the customer. The study of the presiding SGPE trait and its cause and effect on an average customer forms a strong base of marketing. Having done this, the best form of marketing is to customize the offerings based on the segment to be able to cater to the majority chunk of population. Identifying the delicate touch-points which can alter the belief systems or get a push from the existing belief systems of people can make people sway towards the desired results.

It is quite similar to playing a game of Chess, not just play but play smartly by understanding every move of the opponent, much before he knows what he would want to do. At the same time, it is not a pre-coded plan so it has different variables which account for their unpredictability. The catch of understanding the predictable unpredictability of the people around helps one function with ease in the marketing dimension. Play, but with patience…

The next important variable of marketing is to understand the context.  The context is ephemeral in itself because it is defined by the experiences, thought patterns and belief systems of people. It has to be studied by observing and mapping the factors which create and shape them. One must be able to personalize the offered product or service and at the same time generalize it for mass appeal by molding the context.

Cook, but cook like a mother… Teach, but teach like a grandpa… Advise, but advise like a best friend…


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