Marketing the marketable in the Market with a Mark – Shital Funde

01.jpgEvery customer is the star of his own movie; every person values his idea o
f life. They buy your idea to customize and personalize it and make it their own. Every person is the epicenter of his world, let his star shine – he will literally love you for it!

As a marketer avoid preconceptions. You are there to surprise and not confirm your superlative beliefs.

Concept of avoiding electron microscope test; Your customer should not need an electron microscope to figure out what’s special about your professional service offerings.

For years companies, have been trying to sell new products with newer technologies. In the world of today where for everything has an expiry date what, customers want are warm, friendly products- something to seduce them!

People don’t really care about your business unless you give them a reason to. But they start to care once you start doing the legwork that helps them or creates value.

From ME ME marketing to Value creation in the life of people!


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