Biophilic Marketing

titleWhat is ‘Biophilia’?

Biophilia is an individual’s innate desire to converge with nature, to be a part of it and to incorporate it in whatever way we can into our lives.

What is ‘Biophilic Marketing’?

Biophilic Marketing refers to the ability of learning the principles of marketing from nature and using them to connect the organization’s offerings to the customer in an efficient and sustainable manner.Read More »


Marketing the marketable in the Market with a Mark – Shital Funde

01.jpgEvery customer is the star of his own movie; every person values his idea o
f life. They buy your idea to customize and personalize it and make it their own. Every person is the epicenter of his world, let his star shine – he will literally love you for it!

As a marketer avoid preconceptions. You are there to surprise and not confirm your superlative beliefs.

Concept of avoiding electron microscope test; Your customer should not need an electron microscope to figure out what’s special about your professional service offerings.Read More »

A Patient Play – Satya Joshi

types-of-marketing-strategies1.jpgMarketing is an integrated process of discovering, creating, arousing and satisfying customer needs.

One must understand the DNA of their customers and their latent subconscious drivers which trigger their buying and decision-making patterns. It also includes influencing customer perceptions by strategizing in a way to be able to sell the value perception of any product or service which is new to the customer. Read More »

Marketing through life – Harshit Sinha

071029172856-largeMarketing is the activity (because a process by definition might be more passive than an ACTivity) of sensing the need, identifying the mass appeal and addressing both through a perceptive understanding of the context, better than the available competition. What this really means, I shall elucidate shortly, but I would like to take the reader through my short but eventful journey towards this definition.

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